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Built for teachers, by a teacher.

Educational Consulting & AI Integration Specialist 

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Leading Woman in AI

Merissa Sadler-Holder, the recipient of ASU+GSV’s 2024 Leading Woman in AI title, and has 13 years of classroom experience. She has been an educator at La Cañada Unified School District, utilizing her credentials in multiple subjects, single subject, CTE authorization, and a Master's degree in E-Learning to excel in her field.


She founded Teaching with Machines, which aims to serves forward thinking educators and schools to leverage AI to innovate their practices and empower their students with AI. Teaching with Machines is a collaborating partner with ASU+GSV (AI)R Show alongside, Digital Promise, aiEDU and AI for Education.


Our consulting services, crafted by educators for educators, draw on AI Literacy Guidance from's Learn AI and states' Departments of Education. By leveraging best teaching practices, we ensure that our sessions are both relevant and practical for classroom teachers and educational leaders.



Merissa Sadler-Holder is a master craftsman for Artificial Intelligence training for schools. Her work is prioritized and centered upon the student and teacher experience, and her results speak for themselves.

Ian McFeat. Superintendent & Executive Director of Aveson Schools

I highly recommend taking one of Merissa’s workshops to learn how to use AI as a teacher. I learned so much and am excited to practice what I have learned. I know how to quickly create a fun and unique assessment, analyze data and organize it on the fly, devise several games my students have never played, improve AI prompts, and so much more! Thank you for all you do, Merissa!

Ann Marie FitzGerald, Teacher

Merissa's passion for amplifying the teacher's voice in the expansion of AI in education is contagious.  She understands the delicate balance necessary to ignite students' learning while also maintaining teachers' professional integrity and work-life balance.  I learned a great deal from Merissa's workshop and anticipate Teaching with Machines being a go-to resources for me as a TK-8th grade teacher.

Jessica Lopez-Driotis, Teacher

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