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District & School Services

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Strategic AI Integration

In partnership with Br1ne Consulting, together we specialize in strategic AI implementation for schools, offering tailored guidance and expertise.


We collaborate with you to develop customized AI strategies aligned with your educational goals. We focus on leveraging AI to enhance student outcomes and address real-world challenges.


By combining our experience with your institution's values, we create actionable plans for successful AI integration.


You're not just implementing technology; you're shaping the future of education.

Professional Development

Want to transform classrooms into a future-ready classroom with AI? We focus not just the capabilities of AI itself, but on empowering teachers to leverage and innovate with this tool to benefit their students. 

Our AI Learning Journeys for Teachers are designed by teachers for teachers. These courses focuses on easy-to-implement strategies that complement any teaching style.


Our mission is to equip educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively leverage AI, leading to improved student outcomes and enabling them to in turn empower their own students.  

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